Welcome to the Commissary

We're in lockdown. Stopping the spread, flattening the curve, staying at home.

The only case of Corona I hope to bring home

I've got a camera, a website, and a sudden oversupply of free time, so I'm writing a blog. Unfortunately, there's not much to do but cook dinners and venture out every so often for supplies, so I'm afraid this is turning out to look a lot like one of those "food blogs".

This is not a food blog. It won't have a lot of pesky recipes getting in the way of my commentary. Not many of them, anyway, because I don't have many, and this is not a food blog. If this starts to look like a food blog to you, I apologize. Instead, think of it as a detailed first hand historical record of life in an unprecedented time, written by a guy who cooks a lot.

Remember, not a food blog. This is my SARS-CoV2 COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS LOCKDOWN blog. Please keep that in mind while you are looking at the pictures of food and recipies that I present.

(Ok, I'll admit its a food blog. -jsj)

Can we skip the commentary, and just get to the recipes? (As you wish... -jsj)