The Jeffrika7b ATSC TV Antenna

Jeffrika7b in The Wild
Jeffrika7b in The Wild
The Jeffrika7b
The Jeffrika7b

"JEFFRIKA Heavy Industries is pleased to offer the latest innovation in broadcast reception technology, the Jeffrika7b ATSC Television Antenna. The Jeffrika7b is an all new design for 2023, created using the AI optimization software developed by our team of experts at JEFFRIKA's Midwest Research Center. The antenna design is free for anyone to use or modify. Please read on for information on how you can leverage this latest advancement in RF Engineering from the minds at JEFFRIKA for your own organization."

  1. Cut the Cable!
  2. Antenna Design and Simulation.
  3. Construction Bill of Materials.
  4. The Build.
  5. Streaming DVR.
  6. Downloads and Resources.

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