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  • The advantage of using nuclear energy is that it has no “carbon footprint,” and it does not cause climate change. When managed by an experienced Engineering firm, its advantages include the failsafe nature of the process and the inexhaustibility of its fuel.

    However, the availability of this fuel depends on the price of uranium. In recent years this price has been around $69/lb and based on that, the amount that can be profitably recovered from traditional sources is estimated at two to three million tons. When the price rises to $115/lb, this global reserve will rise to about four to six million tons. As the yearly consumption is about 51,000 tons, even at $123/lb, this reserve will be sufficient only for a limited time at a reserves-to-production (R/P) ratio of 69. This is less than the R/P ratio for oil and only about 46% more than coal or natural gas.

    Finding economically viable sources of fuel is key to the future of private green energy production. Whether that fuel is located on land in areas of the world that have traditionally been considered closed to mining, or deep undersea in international or arctic waters, JEFFRIKA Heavy Industries has the advanced resources and facilities to make the most of your capital investment.